Custom manufacturing can improve your business opportunities. By offering private label products that nobody else has, you will provide customers with unique products that will keep them coming back. The key to a successful private label product campaign is making sure it’s high quality and a unique offering. With a combined experience of over half a century, the team at Liquid Herbs International is committed to helping your business formulate the ideal liquid herbal supplements for your market.

The liquid herbal supplement industry is growing rapidly. People everywhere are searching for dietary supplements that are gentler on the body than many top-selling pharmaceuticals. Unlike many over-the-counter products, our liquid herbal supplements contain concentrates that gently boost and support the body. None of our products contain chemical additives, flavoring agents or preservatives, and each ingredient is pure because of our company’s unique TincTract® process.

35 years ago, L. Carl Robinson developed a 1st generation process (now in its 9th generation of proprietary enhancements and improvements) to extract herbal concentrates by using glycerin instead of alcohol. Glycerin was found to intrinsically retain a plant’s primary, secondary, and tertiary compounds, resulting in an consumable product that is pure and more potent than many alcohol-based extracts for the same herbs. Our products contain ingredients that are gluten-free, GMO-free, Kosher certified, of which said products are on a dose-per-dose basis affordable, and made from pure and beneficial ingredients. TincTract® products are the purest, most concentrated herbal extracts on the market. Their high concentration makes them more economical than supplements from many other leading brands.

Advantages to Private Label Branding

Private label branding gives business owners more control. With the ability to control the message architecture of their brand, dictate pricing, better control marketing and distribution, and increase revenues by controlling the profit margins. Name brand products are typically more expensive than private label for a business to resell and redistribute, and they don’t offer the same unique experience to the customer that a private label brand’s unique product will. When a business decides to offer private label products, they expand their brand footprint and market presence that in turn increases customer numbers that keeps customers loyal to that private label brand. Buyers will return because of the exclusivity of not being able to find your product anywhere else.

Private label branding offers your business a unique image. Liquid Herbs International has provided hundreds of customers with quality herbal supplements that are known to boost or build immune systems and improve overall wellness. Let us give you the competitive advantage over other businesses with our private label solutions. Our research and development team will combine all-natural ingredients in unique ways to match your brand’s vision and mission. For instance, pet supply stores, whether brick-n-mortar or virtual, can now offer our exclusive herbal pet supplements.

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