Functional Ingredients

Whatever your culinary creation may be, the addition of our herbal extractions will greatly increase its health benefits.  From Immune boosting to weightloss, we can help.

Private Label Solutions

Looking to add a new quality product to your offerings?  Look no further, our extracts will have your clients raving about the effectiveness and taste.


Needing your own unique formulation, we can help.  LHI has over 30 years of creating herbal formulas with specific functions.

Come and explore the possibilities

Carl and Jhoane Robinson invite you to discover what millions of Americans have come to know, herbs work!  From increasing metabolism, to boosting your immune system. Herbs can play a remarkable role in our health and wellness.

Through the use of our proprietary extraction process known as Tinctract® you get all the benefits of herbs in a delicious glycerin based matrix, ready as a concentrate or as an additive into your next culinary masterpiece.

Let us help you gain the competitive advantages over your competition and differentiate yours products from the rest.


The TincTract® Process

What are the benefits of the TincTract® process?


No alcohol is used at any time in the making of a 'Genuine TincTract® Made' product. This means the components extracted from a botanical are not subjected to alcohol's denaturing and/or inert rendering effects. For instance, aromatic compounds are not denatured that would result in their diminishing or loosing their efficacy, and many polysaccharides, especially the linked and cross-linked ones, are able to be extracted and not crystalized (denatured) and rendered inert as alcohol does to polysaccharides.


TincTract® liquid herbal products are the most 'concentrated' herbal extracts of a 'whole' herb based nature available in the marketplace. The generational improvements and enhancements to the TincTract® process have resulted in the recommended per dose amount going from 1 teaspoonful down to ¼ teaspoonful. This means that on a per dose basis 'Genuine TincTract® Made' products are one of the most economical liquid herbal products for day-to-day use.


There is an emerging controversy in the liquid herbal products industry concerning the fact that single pass distilled alcohol being made from grains may also contain pass-through gluten particles that can set off gluten sensitivity issues. What is known is that only grain alcohol that has been double, and even better, triple distilled, can be deemed to be completely free of pass through gluten factors. Most companies using grain alcohol utilize the single distilled variety as the double/triple distilled variety can be prohibitively expensive. Because no alcohol is ever used in a TincTract® process, all the resulting products are gluten-free!


The intrinsic taste quality of an herb is retained, indicating that the biological viability remains intact, so much so that a finished TincTract® made liquid herb possesses a taste quality remarkably similar to the fresh harvested botanical itself. No other liquid herbal processing technology possesses this quality in the industry and it has become a hallmark of our 'Genuine TincTract® Made' products.


All 'Genuine TincTract® Made' products are Kosher certified by an OU recognized kashrus certifying organization, and are FDA cGMP passed/compliant – two of the most rigorous and stringent independent third party QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) implemented standards available to our industry.