For centuries, herbs have been used as supplements to provide the body with essential nutrients, minerals, co-factors and properties unique to a particular herb’s benefits. Unlike over-the-counter products, herbs don’t contain additives or novel synthetic chemicals that are harsh on the body. Instead, they gently boost or build the body’s natural systems. Herbs can benefit all parts of the body by providing nature’s purest of benefits. For instance, basil leaf extract is known to carry a high amount of antioxidants. Sarsaparilla root can provide a great boost to the body’s immune system. And Chamomile is known to be relaxing and aid in a good night’s rest.

With a combined experience of over half a century, the research and development team at Liquid Herbs International has found hundreds of unique ways to combine natural ingredients. By using an extraction process developed by our founder, L. Carl Robinson, we are able to use glycerin to preserve the herbal compound while extracting it. Unlike alcohol, glycerin preserves the plant’s integrity, purity and fresh taste without reducing its potency or biological viability. Our unique extraction process, now in its 9th generation of proprietary enhancements and improvements, allows us to offer herbal supplements with beneficial ingredients and innovative formulations.

How Private Label Branding Will Grow Your Business

The key to successful private label branding is to offer a product that is both better and more unique than existing other brands. For years, Liquid Herbs International has been providing businesses with high-quality products that increase customer loyalty. When the customer knows that the product you are selling/distributing or is in your store is better than other brand products, they will keep coming back. Private label branding also gives private label brand owners or store owners more control over brand image and message architecture, pricing, labels, sales and distribution. There are no middlemen, and store owners, whether brick-n-mortar or virtual, can leverage the affordable private label pricing offered by Liquid Herbs International to increase revenue profitability.

Private label brand owners and stores that offer high-quality and unique private label products have the opportunity to establish and grow their brand. Not only will new customers arrive to purchase the product, but existing customers will become more loyal when they see that their favorite seller or store is offering liquid herbal supplements. Private label branding allows businesses to create a unique image and distinct market identity.

The market for liquid herbal supplements is rapidly growing. Partnering with Liquid Herbs International will give you the opportunity to stay ahead of the trend. By offering customers private label brand herbal blends that support pets, children, and adults, you can increase your target audience and make it harder for competitors to price match or impinge on your market footprint.

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